TouCan Timecode Transcription iPhone App


The Idea

Editors at 2nd Decade Productions are road warriors.  They don’t always have the luxury to sit at a cozy desk and review rough cuts, and couldn’t find any iOS-based software anywhere that met their exact needs.  Since elevenZero had already delivered 2nddecade.com, they called on us again.  This time, they needed an iPhone application that would allow them to upload a proprietary audio file, clean up the sound so that it could play on the device, add mark-up in real-time, and then share it with the team.  Color us stoked.

The Process

We started by looking at every possible out-of-the-box audio library on the iOS market, and every corner of the internet we could scour… nothing cut the mustard.  This would be a ground-up build, so we assembled a crackshot team and got to work.  Custom UI and real-time integration, no sweat.  Proprietary file-encoding into clean audio, got that too.  Import, export, edit, and share, it’s all in there.  We’re even more stoked than when we started! Finally, leaning on TestFlight for beta distributions allowed us to deploy builds to the 2nd Decade crew regardless of where they were in the field – at home or abroad.

The Results

We’re currently in closed beta as we fine tune the app to 2nd Decade’s specifications. We are expecting to roll out version 1.0 on the app store in mid-2013.