The Idea

TinWerks had a problem. Their small, focused sales staff found they spent an inordinate amount of time answering emails, taking phone calls, and fulfilling orders for stock tins. They realized that in trying to service every client to their high standards, they were finding it challenging to pursue new business. elevenZero determined that TinWerks would see an immediate benefit from putting their stock tin SKUs for sale on-line.

The Process

elevenZero assessed Tinwerks‘ needs and together we selected Shopify as the e-commerce backend for the new site. Simple to use, easy to maintain. Building on a bare-bones theme, we were able to provide a 100% custom look and feel to the site, without compromising templating efficiencies. Then we added hundreds of SKUs and product photography. Adding some custom PHP allowed us to tweak the way Shopify works to better suit TinWerks‘ process. elevenZero also tightly integrated the new site with Twitter and Facebook in order for them to continue the conversation with their customers. As a finishing touch, we moved their entire email system to Google. No more missing emails.

The Results

TinWerk’s new e-commerce web site now does the work of several sales staff. This leaves more time for the principle sales staff to focus on growing their business. Customers that once used to call to place small, simple orders are now able to do so on-line.