My IT Assessment

The Idea

RISC Networks, an IT solutions company, decided to automate an IT assessment process that once used to be an entirely manual one so they could easily scale their business. For that to happen, they needed a web application that would turn their service into a product. elevenZero, along with a marketing and design team, were tasked with creating a brand-new product for the client, from concept to production, marketing to application.

The Process

The product, My IT Assessment, is a web-based application that allows users to log in and remotely conduct an assessment of their company’s IT infrastructure. Using a custom MVC PHP framework, elevenZero was able to marry the web app to the client’s proprietary software. We also worked well with RISC and the design/marketing team to make sure that the product we created would provide a seamless experience to the end user.

The Results

With the launch of MyITAssessment.com, RISC Networks has now automated the process that once tied up much of their resources. In creating a robust application for RISC, we have ultimately freed our client from sweating the minutiae so they can focus on the big picture, like reaching a wider market and consequently growing their business with this amazing (if we do say so ourselves) product.