ICC Responsive Intranet

ICC Responsive Intranet

The Idea

ICC commissioned a web design for their main corporate website. ICC loved the design so much they wanted to get it into production sooner than the timeline for the corporate web site would allow. They determined that a design, based on the new brand, would suit their intranet very nicely. However, the new site would need to be responsive – accessible on any device – even though the site design was desktop-specific.

The Process

elevenZero determined the approach for repurposing the desktop design as a responsive website. We worked closely with ICC staff to migrate their ~1000-page Cold Fusion intranet site to a slim and trim ~250-page site. Then we applied our responsive template into the newly organized site.

The Results

ICC staff are able to use the new intranet, with the most recent design and brand guidelines, before the .com version rolls out globally. The feedback has been phenomenal. Not only does the new site look great on every device, it has also provided a simple, cohesive brand language that the entire company can get behind.