Hummingbird Automated File Processing Application


The Idea

Design Cloud had a Fortune 500 client with a massive archive of image and PDF data. The data needed to be resized, cataloged, automatically edited, validated for errors, and stored in folders based on a plethora of metadata. All of this was being done manually – a laborious, expensive human task. And the perfect task for a computer; repetitive, structured, logic-driven automation. Enter elevenZero.

The Process

elevenZero assessed the task and requirements, then performed a quick investigation of possible technologies to use to meet the client’s needs. One of the prime requirements was that the product had to be cross-platform, so we selected Java; “Write once, deploy everywhere”. Java’s versatility allowed us to conquer numerous technical hurdles. PDF manipulation, for exmaple, isn’t a straight-forward task. The byte structure of all image formats also needed to taken into account (is that a JPG or a JPEG?). Working closely with the D:CL team we were able to fast-track the app into the client’s hands.

The Results

The payroll savings for Design Cloud’s client were amazing. Work that was taking several people weeks to produce could now be accomplished in a matter of seconds. Big cost savings to the organization with the help of a little applied technology. Win, win.