Geo-Me! iPad App


The Idea

Some of us, who remember Schoolhouse Rock from our childhood, will know just how much more information we can retain when learning is fun. A catchy tune here, some bold, bright colors there, and voila! We have multiplication etched in our brains. Forever. This was the inspiration behind Geo-Me!, an iPad app that utilizes music and interactivity to not just help kids learn geography, but to get them excited about it.

The Process

As a one of the founding members of Crackerbox Studio, which, in their words (more or less), is “a collective of creative people making cool stuff”, elevenZero was involved in building the Geo-Me! app from concept to production. With the iPad as an indispensable tool in education, the app was built on the iOS platform per elevenZero’s recommendation. Several iterations later, with our input, the avatars themselves have evolved to become more dynamic and easily customizable to make information retention even more effortless and enjoyable for our young users.

The Results

Geo-Me! is available on the App Store for just $.99. The collective beta feedback has been super positive, “Ten stars out of five!” from an enthusiastic seven-year-old, the app’s target user. Users have also reported that they’ve been randomly singing, “Where I aaaaam….where you aaaaare” in their head, which tells us that we are definitely on the right track.

Learn More

Visit CrackerboxStudio.com to learn more about the Geo-Me! project and the brilliant team of creative minds behind it.