b.e.s.t. Universal Screening

b.e.s.t. Universal Screening

The Idea

Mindfield approached elevenZero with an idea. They wanted to leverage their existing behavioral psychology expertise to create a way for schools to assess, measure, and treat classroom behavior issues with an on-line application. The application would provide robust, real-time tools to classroom staff which would allow them to address disruptive classroom behavior and identify at-risk children. Whenever possible the system would recommend proven corrective measures to real-life classroom situations.

The Process

elevenZero worked with Mindfield to determine the approach, technology, and user requirements for the proposed system. We created the b.e.s.t. platform – a subscription-based web application. Schools are able to administer their account (managing payments, teachers, classrooms, students, etc.) and track student behavior via biannual teacher assessments. School staff would be provided with suggestions, documentation, and access to behavioral psychologists to help teachers address concerns. The system is subscription based, integrating with schools’ existing payment and reporting methods.

The Results

The system is currently in closed beta with ~12 schools. The feedback from these schools has been overwhelmingly positive. We continue to add new features and refine the system to address user suggestions. Full US rollout of the site is expected in the very near future.