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About elevenZero

elevenZero is an, innovative, passionate design and development company focused on mobile, web and interactive. We provide custom, creative technical solutions to small business, agencies and entrepreneurs. We're passionate about technology and we want to bring that passion to your next app, web site or idea. Get in touch


  • Ken Fountain

    “Bill took hold of "Geo-Me!" for Crackerbox and made an improbable idea in to a wonderful reality. He meets challenges with a perfect balance of thoughtful pragmatism and playful imagination. And a boatload of experience and skill. We can't wait to recruit his technical leadership on the next, and the next, and the next!”

    John Frank

    When I think of Bill and elevenZero, I think of responsibility and exceptional quality. Having worked as a partner on a project with Bill, I know him to be responsive, direct, and an extremely knowledgable problem solver. His background across multiple development languages is evident in the way he approaches creating solutions. Above and beyond his skills and his professionalism, Bill shares knowledge and makes me laugh. That's the kind of person I want to work with.

    Nick Hahn

    I've never heard a "No" from Bill and the elevenZero team. Being a User Experience Designer, I'm always throwing advanced interface concepts at them and Bill will consistently let me know the impact to scope, budget, and time, but never a "No we can't do that". He's always taking on interesting and unique challenges and never seems fazed by an out-of-the-ordinary request. The icing - he's the most polite, kind, levelheaded, direct, and just plain jolly creative person you'll ever meet.

  • Brian Doherty

    “Working with elevenZero means focusing on possibility. It is great to find a team that can leverage what they know and have done to build something you aren't sure is even possible.”

    Amit Mehta

    We originally engaged with elevenZero as a sub-contractor on a part of a project. It was clear that the project work was being completed on or before schedule and without going over budget. That’s a rare find in the world of programming. Since then we’ve used elevenZero on multiple projects both independently and again as a subcontractor. The experience has been much more than just getting a programming resource; there’s a combination of project management and technical expertise that we’ve gotten used to relying on with elevenZero. I would recommend elevenZero without reservation in the categories that we’ve interfaced: iOS development, graphic design, XHTML, CSS, and overall customer interface.

    Jim McClain

    "In my 25+ years of digital production business, Bill Hayes is the absolute best developer I have had the pleasure to work with. Bill's development talent is extremely impressive starting with his organization & management of a project right through to his efficiency in hitting all milestones and the final quality & innovation of his solutions. Bill and elevenZero have always made every project I have worked with them on shine far above the rest."